The Ultimate Single Drum Power Boiler

MAGNUM is a fully Water Tube, Single Drum Boiler of World Class Quality for Cogeneration Plants / Cogen / Combined Heat and Power Systems / CHP

It has a Built-in Convection Zone Superheater and an Integral economiser. The Boiler has an excellect Fuel to Steam delivery ratio and has become wellknown as the most efficient boilerfor Power Plants.

There is a vast choice of Fuel Firing Systems -
FBC with Under Bed firing for Coal, Lignite, Saw Dust.
FBC with Over Bed for Rice Husk, Petcoke, Biodryed waste.
Pulsating Grate for Bagasse, Napier, Wood Chips.

Special features
Extensive Waterwall design.
Modular Concept.
Factory manufactured.
Minimum welding at Installation site.
No Expansion of tubes.
Steady Steam Pressure and Temperature for critical turbine applications.
Pressurised economiser.

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