The Power Generation High Pressure FBC Boiler

EFFIGEN-SD is a fully Water Tube, Single Drum Boiler of International design & quality for Cogeneration Plants / Cogen / Combined Heat and Power Systems / CHP / MSW.

Boiler has a Pendant type Superheater built from Alloy Steel tubes.

Choice of Fuel Feeding Systems -
FBC Underbed Bed for Coal, Lignite, Saw Dust.
FBC Over Bed for Rice Husk.
Pulsating Grate for Biomass, MSW

Suvega Tube Waterwall makes the boiler safe, long lasting and leak proof. There is no expansion of tubes.

Packaged Concept, Factory manufactured. Minimum welding at Installation site.

Steady Steam Pressure and Temperature for critical turbine applications.

Standard accessories
Pressurised Economiser.
Air Preheater
2 Element level control
PLC Panel

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