Process Boilers

Low Pressure Boilers for heating applications.

Power Boilers

High Pressure Boilers designed for operating Steam Turbines.

Steam Turbines

Back Pressure, Extraction and Condensing Turbines.

Waste To Energy Plants

Back Pressure, Extraction and Condensing Turbines.

High Temperature Generators

High Temperature Generators.

Special Purpose Products

Special Purpose Products


Quick Closing Pressure Vessels.

Pollution Control Equipments

Cyclones, Bag Filters, Electrostatic Precipatators, Wet Scrubber.

Medical Oxygen Plant

IBL Medical Oxygen Plants

Welcome to Industrial Boilers Ltd.

The IBL Group is a Research driven, industrial organisation specialising in Design and Manufacturer of Process Steam Boilers, Industrial Boilers, PNG Gas Fired Boilers, Condensing Boilers, Power Boilers, Steam Turbines, Pressure Reducing Steam Turbines (PRT), Mini Power Plants, Municipal Solid Waste Power plants (MSW, RD), Autoclaves and Vulcanisers, Solar Thermal systems, Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP), Bag Filters, Wet Scrubbers and other Pollution Control Equipment, Trommels.

Specialised Combustion solutions like FBC, Pulsating Grates, Brownian Motion Furnace (BMF) and Gas and Oil Burner. Renewable Energy Fuel Solutions such as Municipal Solid Waste (MSW, RDF), Bio Gas, Methane, Rice Straw (Parali), Cow Dung (Uple), Mustard Straw and Rice Husk.


Main Product lines are

• Fluidised Bed Combustion Boilers.
• Cogeneration Boilers.
• Power Boilers.
• Multifuel Biomass Boilers.
• Husk FBC Boilers.
• Coal FBC Boilers.
• Packaged Oil, Gas, Husk and Wood Fired Boilers.
• Back Pressure Steam Turbines.
• Extraction Condensing Steam Turbines.
• Straight Condensing Steam Turbines.
• Incinerators with Boilers.
• Municipal Waste (MSW) Fired Boilers.
• Waste Heat Recovery Boilers.
• Autoclaves.
• Vulcanisers.
• Electrostatic Precipitators.
• Bag Filters.
• Cyclones.
• Wet Scrubbers and other Pollution Control Equipment.
• Solar Steam Generators.


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