Unique features of IBL Medical Oxygen PSA Plant

Eliminates the need to procure and store Oxygen in Cylinders or Liquified tanks.
Medical Oxygen Plants provides enormous relief as no hassles of oxygen bottles handling, no dependency on external suppliers, no department to maintain inventory & accounting. The Medical Oxygen Plant gives you the convenience of switching on and off the oxygen supply by pressing a button only and provides independence from handling scores of oxygen cylinders or Liquidstations.

PSA Oxygen is safe
PSA Oxygen is safe & not only meets United States Pharmacopeia (USP) XXI Oxygen 93% Monograph but we also guarantee 95 - 97% pure Oxygen using unique design in our PSA technology.
Medical Oxygen Plant is fitted with Fine Bacteria Filters on the output oxygen line to the hospital hence ensures impurity levels of 0.01 microns in the oxygenline.

Simple to Operate and Maintain
The Medical Oxygen Plant works on a Low Pressure of 4.5 Kg/cm2g.
Each system can be operated without extensive technical knowledge or training. Easy to follow manuals and on-site training will teach your staff how to properly calibrate and maintain the system. Routine maintenance is as simple as a normal air compressor upkeep and filters change. The plant is designed to run (24 x 7) 365 days a year as plant made with mandatory standby arrangements for all the moving & critical components.

PLC Controlled
Every plant is PLC controlled, the PSA Adsorbers are filled with Zeolites and factory sealed and rarely needs replacement. Since Medical Oxygen Plant only requires only Power and Atmospheric air and can be installed in any remote area or on any altitude where neither Oxygen Bottles nor Liquid Oxygen can reach in appropriate time.
Equipped with a continuous purity monitoring system, this equipment ensures that the medical oxygen’s purity and concentration of oxygen is within acceptable limits. In case of any abnormality, plant can be switched to back- up system.

Optional Booster Plant Provision
A booster can be provided to fill ‘B’ or ‘D’ type Oxygen Cylinders for emergency use in Ambulance or during shifting of patients.