Engineering & Research

The IBL Group is now a Research driven, industrial organisation specialising in Design and Manufacturer of Process Steam Boilers, Industrial Boilers, Power Boilers, Turbines, Pressure Reducing Steam turbines,Mini Power Plants, Specialised Combustion solutions, Autoclaves and Vulcanisers, Solar Thermal Systems, ESP, Bag Filters and Pollution Control Equipments.

With a vast pool of highly talented and experienced engineers, IBL has continued to maintain its reputation as a Research Powerhouse of Boilers.

With Boiler technology flowing thru our veins, IBL is the international market leader in the field of Biomass Boilers and at the cutting edge of technology.

Our research is 5 to 10 years ahead of time so that we can foresee developments and provide absolutely latest technology to our customers.
Our rich history coupled with innovation is our strength -a formula that always works.

IBL are Pioneers in FBC Technology with the first FBC boiler manufactured in 1986.
Till date over 5000 Fluidised Bed Combustion Boilers are in operation.
The First Hybrid boiler, "The Agropak" was developed by IBL in 1991 and still maintains its reputation as the best boiler in its class.

Major Commercialised Technologies

1980    Parallel Cross Tube Vertical Boiler.
1984    Circloflame Burner. For Improved combustion of Fuel Oils.
1986    Fluidised Bed Combustion system for Rice Husk and Coal – Replaced Stoker firing.
1990    Rapoclave - Quick Closing Autoclaves developed.
1991    Agropak - The Hybrid Boiler - Today, the most preferred design in India.
1993    Suvega Pure Water wall for furnace was developed. – Improved Radiation Capture.
1996    Brownian Motion Furnace for Biomass. - Revolutionised Biomass burning.
1999    Twin Drum Agropak design – Possibly the first Packaged type Power Boiler.
2000    Husko model developed - Special FBC Boiler for Rice Mills.
2002    BT-4 Series Back Pressure Steam Turbine – Opened up small Cogen Applications.
2005    MBT-6 Series Multistage and Condensing Turbines developed.
2006    Cold Circulating FBC developed for Petcoke.
2007    BCT-6 Series Condensing Turbine
2008    Huskogen - A unique Micro Power Boiler with incredible efficiency.
2009    Magnum - A Large Power Boiler with Prefabricated Concept.
2010    Rotary Furnace - Unique combustion system for Incineration of Industrial, Medical Wastes and Palm Kernel.
2011    Heat Pipe Boiler for unfired Waste heat applications
2012    Solar Steam generator – Fresnel type.
2013    PRT - Pressure Reducing Steam Turbine developed.
Economical Cogeneration of Power for all Process Industries.
2014    Pressurised Hot Water High Temperature heaters.
2015    Automatic Hydrolic Pusher Grate developed for Biomass.
2016    Effigen - Single Drum SD Boiler developed for Medium Pressure.
2017    Pulsating – Pusher Grate developed.
2018    Plastic Waste fired Boilers
2019    Organic Waste and MSW to Energy Plants.
2019    Reaction Turbine range for Extraction and Condensing Turbines.
2020    Pressurised Indirect Hot Air Generator.