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H. Engineer
Chairperson & Mg. Director


Cyrus Engineer


Rohinton R. Engineer


Doyen of India’s Boiler Industry.


Over a Century with Steam

1890 - The Company starts in Hubli as 'Engineer and Sons'
          Erection and maintenance of Lancashire and Comish Boilers.

1920 - Shifts to Bombay as 'Empress Welding and Repairing Works'.
          Importers from Babcock and Wilcox, Glasgow.

1974 - Name changes to "Industrial Boilers"
          Manufacturing activities shift to Vapi.

2000 - "IB Turbo" is launched to manufacture Steam turbines at Noida.


Industrial Boilers Ltd.  is an IBL Group Company, a pioneer in Biomass, Fluidised Bed Combustion and Cogeneration Systems.

IBL has an installed base of over 6000 Boilers and 500 Steam Turbines.

The only company in the small and medium range to manufacture both Boilers and Steam Turbines for Complete Power Generation Projects.

There is a tremendous knowledge base of Boiler technology developed over 40 years of being in the business.

Over the years, IBL has developed and has the finest engineers in the boiler industry having handled a very diverse variety of Fuels,  operating Steam Pressures and operating environment.

Our customers have over the years repeatedly trusted IBL products for their progress and prosperity.

Undoubtedly, IBL. boilers are the most advanced boilers ever produced.


Main Product lines are
Fluidised Bed Combustion Boilers.
Cogeneration Boilers.
Power Boilers.
Multifuel Biomass Boilers.
Husk FBC Boilers.
Coal FBC Boilers.
Packaged Oil, Gas, Husk and Wood Fired Boilers.
Back Pressure Steam Turbines.
Extraction Condensing Steam Turbines.
Straight Condensing Steam Turbines.
Incinerators with Boilers.
Municipal Waste (MSW) Fired Boilers
Waste Heat Recovery Boilers.
Electrostatic Precipitators.
Bag Filters.
Wet Scrubbers and other Pollution Control Equipment.
Solar Steam Generators.

Corporate Profile



Industrial Boilers Ltd. is certified by leading Inspection and Quality Control Organisations.
·        ASME S, U and PP Stamps
·        National Board – USA
·        IBR – India
·        CE - Europe
·        ISO : 9001




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